Ankara Styles #433: Styles To Own Before 2017 Is Over (1)

Ankara Styles #433: Styles To Own Before 2017 Is Over (1)

We have witnessed growth in the Ankara industry over the past few years. In fact, the business of Ankara has been quite flamboyant enough. We can’t ignore the rise of entrepreneurship in the fashion industry in every sector.

Let’s appreciate the works of the fashion illustrators first who from imagination bring the designs to life. The designers know how to transform the character into patterns while the tailors join these patterns to bring them to life.

2017 has been quite eventful in terms of Ankara styles. The Bardot dresses or what you call the cold-shoulder dress/off-the-shoulder tops was first to trend. Till now, it has still refused to leave the scene. If by now you don’t own a Bardot/cold-shoulder top/dress, then you are indeed not stylish.

Fringed Ankara cold shoulder top
Fringed Ankara cold shoulder top

Kimono Jacket: The rise of this trend came in a twitch. From covering half the shoulders to full coverage. The work chic finds this piece essential for her Monday looks or Friday looks. This Ankara piece is a must-have before the year winds down.

Lola Oj gives us another angle to style the Ankara jacket.
Lola Oj gives us another angle to style the Ankara jacket.

3: Mixed Ankara Prints: Lately, you must have noticed a lot of this trend. First it seemed pretty “uncool” to match different prints but now, it’s quite a big deal. A fashion forward person knows how important it is to have your prints mixed because it gives the others the chance to admire your fashion game.

nini, kamdora, ankara styles

4: Ankara and stripes trend: From the just concluded Lagos Fashion Design Week, the designer OMILUA wowed the crowd how to go about this “mathematics”. From stripes to check, polka dots to gingham, she showed us how to be fashion forward with this trend. I predict that this trend is about to spill over till next year!

omilua 1


5: Ankara Pants: This pants do great magic to your look! A well tailored palazzo turns your basic look to classy and chic. This trend is here to stay for a long time. Jennifer Oseh is one style inspiration to get your Ankara pants game on fire! She’s lit like that!

Have you wondered how to step up your Ankara game and it isn’t working? Click on the link to see different Ankara styles to get on your A-game! HERE

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