#WeddingTipWednesday With Events By Tola – 5 Things To Consider When Searching For A Perfect Wedding Venue

#WeddingTipWednesday With Events By Tola – 5 Things To Consider When Searching For A Perfect Wedding Venue

On today’s episode of Wedding Tips, I will be talking about the things to consider when you are searching for a venue for your wedding.


A lot of intending couples do not know that most times (not all the time) the venue determines if the dates you have chosen can fly. So, for this reason if your families have come together to pick a date it is important to start your venue search as early as possible so you can have options in choosing the kind of space that suites your budget, style and taste.


Below are the things to consider –

1) The Location – When choosing your venue, your location has to be suitable for all parties involved – mainly the families from both sides. You do not want to pick a venue that has your husband’s family complaining or vice versa. You want to pick a venue that is close to church or mosque as the case may be so moving to the reception can be as seamless as possible. Also, do not forget to consider traffic as well, you know how Lagos can be on wedding Saturdays. Just imagine having your church service in a place like Egbeda and coming all the way to Victoria Island for the reception, the likelihood of getting stuck in traffic is very high. So, put all these in to consideration and eliminate things that would make you regret your actions before signing that contract with your venue vendors.

2) Make Sure Your Venue Has Enough Parking Space – I could have easily put this in the location point but I have to lay emphasis on this. It is imperative to ensure that your venue has enough parking space to accommodate your guests. After you must have made an estimate of the number of guests you are expecting, make sure your venue can accommodate the number. It can be very annoying when guests come for your wedding and they have to hustle for a space to park. If the venue you love doesn’t have enough space, you can (or let your planner handle this if you have one) make arrangements with the management to get security agents to help coordinate parking in nearby buildings with large spaces.


3) Budget – No matter how beautiful a space is, if it is above your budget please look for somewhere within your budget. You do not want to put yourself under any pressure of digging in to the budget of other things to pay for the venue.

4) Ambiance – You want to pay special attention to the already existing décor in the hall. What style does the building interior convey? I remember going for a venue inspection with an intending bride and the venue had ticked all she wanted and then she realised it didn’t have a foyer that would serve as a waiting area for the guests. The foyer could have been easily built but I think that was one of the biggest things she wanted her venue to have. Also, the more the ambiance matches the desired of your event, the less decorating you’ll most likely need.


5) Always Ask Questions – As simple as this may seem, please always ensure to ask those in charge as many questions as possible. Do you have to pay extra for the chairs and tables? Will there be extra costs for staying past a particular time? How many weddings will be taking place at the venue? Etc. Just when you think you have exhausted all your questions, just keep asking to make sure you all are on the same page.


In conclusion, to get the value of your money, efforts and have a generally successful event ensure to put these in to consideration. There are a lot more things to consider but I’ll leave you with these.




Tola Aregbesola loves planning, strategizing and organizing and it is because of this love that she started the EventsByTola (@eventsbytola) – an event planning company in which she holds the role of the lead event planner and creative head. 





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