For The Ladies – The Proper Way To Care For Your Bra!

For The Ladies – The Proper Way To Care For Your Bra!

There are a million and one reasons why you should care for your bra, the first being that it covers one of the softest and most delicate part of your female body – the breasts.

Here’s what you need to know about keeping your intimates in pristine condition –

Say No To Machine Wash

I love technology and I’m one of the people waiting around till they develop something that lets me download food off the internet but I hand wash my bra. I know that machine drying would destroy the spandex and make it lose its elasticity and that is not sexy.

No machine wash - care for bra

Never wring out your bra, squeeze out the water gently, be careful not to lose the shape of the cup and always hang it out to dry.

Do Not Mix Colors

Care for your bra - wash colors seperately

Separate your colours. White doesn’t mix well will coloured bras, they have no Bonnie and Clyde love. Try this and you end up getting a badly stained bra that would look more like a painter’s napkin than the £75 lace and silk bra you just acquired.

Two Times Okay, Three Times Fair

….while four is plain trouble. The maximum times you can wear your bra is three times. Even if it’s the one Gisele Bundchen wore on her debut as a Victoria Secret Angel or the first bra your boyfriend ever commented on.

care for your bra - times to wear

My own rule is this, the minute I’m tempted to smell my bra to check if it’s still wearable then it isn’t .

Know When To Let Go

You know that feeling of betrayal you get when your favorite bra starts to stab you in the chest. That is the feeling of surrender. On the part of the bra. It has been your companion, giving you an unparalleled relationship, constant support without question. You need to let it go. Please.


In summary, be gentle, careful and considerate with the garment closest to your heart and you’ll be in a happier relationship all round!







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