Kome’s Picks – Trends From The Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week So Far!

Kome’s Picks – Trends From The Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week So Far!

Fashion week is upon us and as usual it doesn’t disappoint! The designers as usual with their jaw dropping designs leave us speechless, but what I love most about fashion week is the street style. Everybody comes dressed to impress or oppress- depending on the individual and take fashion risks. Fashion week is a great place to spot new trends and to see great personal style at play.

So here are 5 trends I’ve spotted from this fashion week

Keep It Simple in White

There is nothing as classy and elegant as wearing all white, although it might be difficult to pull off, but I’d say the rewards are worth it! If you are not the edgy girl, or a risk taker, the all white look will be the best trend for you. It’s easy going, sophisticated but not just perfect for fashion week, but also most events!

Fashion week trends by Kome Obi (1)

Fashion week trends by Kome Obi (5)

Make a statement

Fashion week is the best time to make a bold statement, it is the time to use fashion to air political, or social issues. Wear graphic tees or specific pieces to support a movement or to express yourself, and the best part is you don’t need to feel extra, someone else is doing it too. I love this trend! Express yourself unapologetically with fashion.

Fashion week trends by Kome Obi (4)

Sport a trend- The Beret

The beret is back with a vengeance guys! Put your best foot forward and rock a new trend and change your outfit from nice to fashionable. I absolutely love this trend, the beret has a way of bringing everything you wear into the ‘chill’ mode and if you ask me, it looks fantastic with everything! Be trendy this season and join the fashion gurus by wearing a beret.

Fashion week trends by Kome Obi (2)

Fashion week trends by Kome Obi (7)

Go big or go home

Girl, let me tell you, if there’s anywhere you can be out of the box, crazy, weird all at the same time, it’s fashion week. Fashion week embraces it all, in fact if you ask me, this is what it’s all about! The crazy styles, the unpredictable looks and the ones that are just weird. Pull out your craziest jacket or shoes and demand attention everywhere you go.

Fashion week trends by Kome Obi (6)


Back to the basics

So finally, the last and the most important, go back to the basics, match! Make sure you stay within the same colour palette, match like your life depends on it! Make sure your dress matches your bag and your shoes follow the same colour palette. It’s simple, but it works and it’ll keep you looking nice in the new season.

Fashion week trends by Kome Obi (3)


These are some of the trends I think will help you slay wherever you go, however your spin on some of these trends will make them even better. Be yourself, do things your way and you’ll probably look even better than the fashion gurus!





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