Fashion: How To Pull Off The Athleisure Trend Like Rihanna For LFDW 2017!

Fashion: How To Pull Off The Athleisure Trend Like Rihanna For LFDW 2017!

Unless you sleep under the rocks for you not to know what today is! I have had it already with my announcements but I’m simply going to rock that show in a simple and classy way. Only on the last day will I choose to rock the athleisure trend.

I haven’t really made up my mind on the athleisure trend but if I would go that route, I’d pick these three styles and look hot and definitely trend for days!

Look 1


rihanna athleisure

I might as well go for a simple suit a fez cap or beret and sneakers… I can’t fit in Rihanna’s shoes!


burberry, rihanna

burberry, rihanna2

Well as simple as it can be, you can opt for a knee-length kimono, little black dress and pep it up with the socks and heels trend! Don’t forget the cap!


athleisure, rihanna 2


This look is so easy to pull off! Remember it’s the athleisure but monochrome style. A thigh high slit dress and a bomber jacket with a similar accessory and voila! you are good to go!


virgil abloh, rihanna


Going boxy shouldn’t be that difficult to pull off! If you can get your designer to make you a cropped top but specify on the details. What really can you do without the denim pants? 


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