Fashion: Accessories You Will Likely Find At The Lagos Fashion Design Week!

Fashion: Accessories You Will Likely Find At The Lagos Fashion Design Week!

Finally, it’s Lagos Fashion Design Week and I’m beyond excited to attend. Like all fashion shows, the show starts right before the show (if you get what I mean). Who doesn’t want to see other interesting styles?

Like all other fashion shows held internationally, there were a few accessories, trends that were spotted. Remember the Off-White collection everyone once laughed at, well after fashion week, Rihanna made sure she booed everyone who didn’t like the Off-White collection. Guess what I’m loving about their collection?- The Off-White belt!

I know some rich Nigerians who live in Gucci, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and other expensive designers are ready to show the world their latest designer accessory because…fashion week and especially Lagos Fashion Design Week!

I won’t doubt for a second that I will spot the CHLOE NILE bag which costs about $1,450 (yes, do the maths in Naira). Yes, peek that classy bag!


Most likely, you would find the CULT GAIA bag or something woven. This trend is hella big! For those who can’t afford a Cult Gaia bag would go for local woven stuff like straw hat or some other rare woven finds.


Kurt Cobain glasses which felt like this trend would never fade. In fact, it’s become so common now that you can’t tell the difference between the real and the fake.


You are most likely to find “wearable art” on people in different forms. From denim jacket, denim skirts, art on bags, shoes etc. It’s not surprising that this trend hasn’t faded since last year.


The bumbag or the black pouch is something I’m personally going to wear today! I expect it to be everywhere because it’s one of the biggest trends this year! Rihanna made it!


Any other accessory you find at Lagos Fashion Design Week most definitely would be a #madeinnigeria product!

Vickie O.
Lover of fashion & chaser of trends. For more, check out IG;@thelazyoutfitter

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