#LFDW2017: Taking Afrocentric Streetstyle Inspiration From Kwena Baloyi!

#LFDW2017: Taking Afrocentric Streetstyle Inspiration From Kwena Baloyi!

If you haven’t read about Kwena “Kween” Baloyi on here, you should admit you are really new here. (Click here for more about Kwena).

As a stylist in Johannesburg, trendsetter and always letting the whole world feel the positive impact of her heritage, Kwena takes the crown for her edgy Afrocentric styles. Anyways, I’m looking forward to more Afrocentric styles at Eko Atlantic for the LFDW because you know what, it spread like confetti even internationally (check out the just concluded four biggest fashion shows).

If you are hoping to top the list of most edgy Afrocentric style like Kwena, here are few style inspos to draw from her;

  1. Her Hairstyle

Kwena doesn’t have the basic hairstyle on. She draws her hair inspiration from the old African women, their kind of braids and makes it glorified and edgier. From basic cornrows to elegantly braided cornrows with wheels….oh Kwena why so creative?!




Her Choice Of Shoes/ Accessory.

For Kwena, quirky shoes or colorful artistic accessory are perfect complements for her outfits. Catch her with a print umbrella or colourful pointy shoes which makes her whole outfit look extraordinary!



Her Style as a whole!

As a fashionista, Kwena’s style is about art, creativity and self-expression. See how she styles herself on a daily!




Images: Kwena Baloyi (@kwenasays)

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