10 Best Make Up Brushes You Should Add To Your Collection

10 Best Make Up Brushes You Should Add To Your Collection

The difference a good make up brush can do to your make up routine is often underrated. Why do you think every good make up artiste has rows and rows of brushes? Bcos they make all the difference!

Vogue put together a recommended list of 10 brushes that work best for various uses.

  • Artis

By having the fibres on the side rather than at the end of the brush – like a toothbrush rather than a paintbrush – Artis’s brushes are ergonomic and great for buffing product into the skin. The Oval 8 brush is brilliant for powder or bronzer application.

Artis Elite Mirror Oval 8 Brush, £67.

  • Burberry

Utilising natural-hair bristles and designed in sleek, monochrome style, Burberry’s brushes are easy to use and great for beginners. The Blush Brush No.2 is angled, making it ideal for contouring and highlighting too.

Burberry Blush Brush No.2, £36.


  • Spectrum

As well as being some of the prettiest make-up brushes on the scene, Spectrum’s beauty tools are all vegan and cruelty-free. The So Oval You A03 foundation brush ensures even and precise application.

Spectrum So Oval You A03 Brush, £7.99.


  • MAC

MAC’s extensive brush collection is second to none, with a variety of options for pretty much every beauty technique. The 219 Pencil Brush is particularly good for more precise shading and defining on the eyes.

MAC 219 Pencil Brush, £21


  • Real Techniques

real techniques
Created by make-up artist sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman, Real Techniques was designed in order to make great tools accessible to everyone. The versatile Powder Brush is a great way for beginners to get into using brushes.

Real Techniques Powder Brush, £7.84.


  • Bobbi Brown

bobbi brown
All of Bobbi Brown’s brushes are frankly excellent, but the Blush Brush is among the best thanks to its ultra-soft bristles and tapered round head for the perfect flush of blush.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush, £35.


  • Zoeva

zoevaZoeva’s brushes range from everyday essentials to clever tools designed for the most specific of purposes. The Luxe Fan Brush is ideal for soft dustings of highlighter on the cheekbones – plus it’ll look pretty on your dressing table.

Zoeva Luxe Fan Brush, £10.99.


  • Morphe


  • Morphe


Perfect for the wannabe make-up artist – as well as for actual make-up artists – Morphe’s professional-standard brushes allow impressive precision and control. The Contour R5 Brush allows expert sculpting.

Morphe Rose Gold Pro Pointed Contour R5 Brush, £13.


  • Trish McEvoy

trish mcevoy
Trish McEvoy’s career arguably began thanks to brushes, when the art-store paintbrushes she cut into shape for make-up herself used developed a cult following. Her eponymous range makes make-up application easy – the Perfect Foundation 76 Brush is great for stippling on foundation.

Trish McEvoy Perfect Foundation 76 Brush, £40.


  • Charlotte Tilbury

charlotte tilbury
It’s not surprising that when a make-up artist like Charlotte Tilbury creates her own line of brushes, they end up being some of the best brushes you’ve ever tried. The Lip Brush from her eponymous brand has a square tip for optimum precision.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Brush, £18.


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