Fashion: How To Spot A Fashionista Anywhere!

Fashion: How To Spot A Fashionista Anywhere!

It has come to my notice that “fashionistas” have certain traits in common and I have been tracking them to confirm my observation which I can proudly say it’s a fact. You will nod your head to these facts about fashionistas!

How then do you spot a fashionista?

  1. They have a quirky style! Yes they do but in a fun and acceptable way and of course it always makes sense.
  2. They always start a fresh trend- call it trendsetting but when they start a trend that no one really thought of or they find it “weird” to start, everyone immediately jumps on this trend.
  3. They carry the biggest brands around from Balenciaga to Versace and they row with the notable local brands in their countries respectively.21107542_168555983705000_777811529264267264_n
  4. They have a clique/squad, bff etc. They spend so much time together, travel together etc.
  5. They live a lush lifestyle like travelling to the best places in the world, eat the best foods, they have invitations to the most luxurious events etc.
  6. They have their cameras stuck to their hands.. Always taking pictures of places, food, nature etc.
  7. The fashion shows, balls and their social networks are the places to stalk them.
  8. They have a verse knowledge of any clothing brand, designer and can give you dates or history of anything fashion related.


Vickie O.
Lover of fashion & chaser of trends. For more, check out IG;@thelazyoutfitter

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