Style Tips From Bruno Mars’ Music Videos

Style Tips From Bruno Mars’ Music Videos

This week Bruno Mars turned 32! Thirty two! In his time in the music industry, he has grown vocally, lyrically and most importantly, fashion wise.

It all began from Uptown Funk. We saw our cute adorable Bruns transition from his typically RnB music style to pop funk. With this came a dramatic change in his dress sense – case in point, that pink blazer. It wasn’t so far off from his usual fedora hats but there was a significant change in accessories. The bandana, frames, gold neck chain, bracelet, rings, boot cut jeans made the outfit a fashionista’s fav. I always say looking good changes your entire attitude and Bruno Mars is a living breathing example.


Uptown funk set him on a roll apparently. 24k magic album cover was really something. You could just see that Bruno was setting his eye at achieving a place as a fashion icon. Oh and the swagger! Excessive, dripping, just softly oozing – it was a whole personality overhaul that manifested through his dress style.


The music video for 24k magic was a Versace fest. Bruno brought back the 80s-2000s extra-accessorized, swaggerlicious get up with an urban touch. The classic knuckle rings, multiple neck chains and those XXIV snap-backs paired with a retro blouse and beach shorts is exactly the kind of extraness that defines a pop icon. Word to prince.




Following the massive success of 24k magic, Bruno released the video for “that’s what I like” and this time he was a little more subtle with his fit. He has defined own the retro-vintage shirt style, this time paired with black chinos and sneakers. A singular neck chain, wrist and finger accessories brought the look home for the kill.


Bruno is still keeping it Versace with his music video for “Versace on the floor”, where his vixen, Zendaya, rocked a bedazzled Versace dress while he kept it casj with a Versace retro shirt.

image6 (1)

Safe to say, Bruno is the king of retro style and he doesn’t seem to be relenting! WE LOVE YOU, BRUNS!

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