Temi’s Thoughts – How To Slay Your Looks As an ‘Upcoming Rich Babe’!

Temi’s Thoughts – How To Slay Your Looks As an ‘Upcoming Rich Babe’!

Hi Guys, I hope everyone is doing great. If you notice, the topic says “Upcoming Rich babe” meaning I am still a “broke” babe (Nigerian reaction, I am not broke in Jesus name).

Alright so this article is for young women like me who are still trying to find their feet but still want to look good without breaking the bank. In this world of Gucci and stuff, It must be hard keeping up with the trend and designs.

These are just 5 ways I have been able to keep up and not break my bank because “mi o le wa ku” (I cannot come and die) .

Cut your coat according to your size

Work within your budget. Do not go out of your way to buy what is going to wreck your account balance. You might have the money to buy something but that doesn’t mean you can afford it. For example, If you earn 80,000 Naira monthly in Nigeria, you have no business buying 50,000 asoebi if that’s your only source of income. Be wise.

Be on the lookout for deals and sales

This is my favorite part of shopping because believe me nobody loves sales like me. Like I literally live for sales. Immediately I enter a store, I go to the discount or clearance section first to check any amazing deal for the day and trust that I have my calculator with me to make sure the deals are “good deals”. There is really no shame in looking for discounts and stuff. It is pure wisdom. For college students abroad you can sign up for unidays and get discounts on stores like Missguided or Asos. When I was in Nigeria, all the online stores on Instagram seemed too high end, I mean I am upcoming rich babe. So, I would actually go to the market to buy my clothes myself and so I would be able to argue prices with the seller (who can relate). So after classes on Wednesday I decided to walk through memorial city mall in Houston and I got this beauty for $4.95.


Yup that’s right. Can you imagine how bomb this mules would look with a white shirt and “mommy” jeans.
Yup that’s right. Can you imagine how bomb this mules would look with a white shirt and “mommy” jeans.

Go to Budget Friendly stores

Upcoming Rich babes like me don’t even bother entering Gucci with the intentions of buying anything . We go there to get inspiration to work harder. I mean with my account balance I can’t even afford a wallet there(yet). I put yet because eyan le blow any time. 

So how do I solve this problem because I still have to look good? For me I go to stores that tally with my income. I don’t do more than myself. I love online stores like Missguided, Boohoo, Asos, New look because of their amazing deals and because they sell quality for an affordable price. Especially Missguided – they do a lot of 50% off sales a lot. Since I moved to the United States , stores like Ross, Marshalls have being my best friends. If you are in the US and haven’t been there you’re dulling on good deals. When I was in Nigeria, I loved Debras Grace. They provide quality clothing at a very good price.


Makeup on Fleek

Makeup on fleek osheyyy O baby. Is your slay complete if your makeup is not on fleek? Sis I doubt it. I love makeup so much maybe too much for my own good. As an upcoming Rich babe that means I do not always have money to hire a makeup artist if I have an important place to be or a special outing. As an upcoming Rich babe, my advice for you is learn to do your makeup yourself . I know it could be hard especially if makeup isn’t really your thing. But sis, you can watch YouTube videos and learn. For my Nigerian sisters, I know data is an issue. However, we always have to find a way. Find someone you know that is good with makeup and ask him or her to teach you how to draw your eyebrows and apply your foundation/powder and like that Sis you’re good to go. Also read reviews on products, start small with buying makeup, you don’t have to buy Nars foundation . Start with affordable drug store ones like Maybelline and build up from there. Application is very important in makeup.


Cut your coat according to your size

This is so important I had to mention it twice. Please do not buy what you cannot afford. Remember that you cannot afford it now does not mean you would not be able to in few years to come. So work within your budget.


If you have any affordable stores you know of please comment below.





Alright! My Name is Temilade! A lazy writer, Christian, who loves to watch movies. Currently getting my second bachelors in Nursing, and looking to inspire young women . 
You can keep up with me on Instagram @temilade_ and Twitter @misstemilade






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