Kevin Hart & Eniko Parrish’s Baby Shower For Their Baby Costs $117,855!!!

Kevin Hart & Eniko Parrish’s Baby Shower For Their Baby Costs $117,855!!!

While everyone thought they had an opinion about Kevin Hart’s life and Eniko Parrish’s life because a thirsty a$$ b!tch tried to set Kevin up and ruin his life, career and reputation, you all thought wrong!

The Harts went on to carry out their baby shower like nothing happened! Nooo! What a way to put their hands in the hater’s eyes! I remember when Wendy Williams suggested that if the baby shower was to hold, Kevin won’t have to come in (if she was Eniko) and now the tables have turned and Kevin didn’t spare those dollars!!

They spent a whopping sum of $117,855 (like omg, Kevin!!) even though he was “living on a budget”. The couple revealed the baby’s name as KENZO at their Lion King themed baby shower via snapchat which went viral!

kevin hart

kevin hart 2


Guests could use a custom Snapchat filter on their pictures and videos, which featured an artistic rendering of the couple and the words “Oh, Boy! Baby Kenzo” written in blue letters (According to E! News).

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