Fashion: 8 Work Style Looks To Keep You On Your A-Game!

Fashion: 8 Work Style Looks To Keep You On Your A-Game!

The work chic can also be the centre of attention if she knows how to work her way through! There easy tricks to getting you looking from basic to oomph!

1: Pay Attention To Details: This is one simple way to do abracadabra with a basic style to classic. A simple ruffle can do that trick to your outfit.

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Instagram : @doopie21980767_269421643577428_830396463136636928_n (1)

2: Print Magic: Mixing prints for corporate purposes can be selective. When in doubt about mixing prints, match with one colour. 

Print inspo via @chimedzam

22069254_1531545230264490_273633934091223040_n (4)

3: Turn that casual outfit to a corporate casual slay! Statement jacket is all you need to change your style story for the day!

Instagram: @tokemakinwa

21820034_1946470082293158_4703064153479184384_n (2)

4: Monochrome vibes and accessory! It’s okay to play with this trend and even make it more interesting with the accessory. Try out other textures like velvet shoes, silver shoes or necklaces for the win.

Instagram: @jadorefashion


5: Simple is class! Simple styles too is classic if you know how to complement your look! Dr Idia takes this suit-set and turns it to a classic outfit by folding the sleeves, matching it on a red heels and an envelope purse!

810 (2)

6: From the Delpozo collection at the NYFW, pastel colours are an inspiration. Try matching a pastel colour with a brighter shade like neon, orange etc.

21294484_1511121732284882_3661266625484554240_n (2)

7: Invest in a detailed white top and rare accessory. A gingham 6 inches heels is not a type of heel you find lurking in the corners of every shop. Identify rare fashionable items and invest in them because they would become handy!


21984898_1996160257286623_6824560114012258304_n (1)

8: There’s something gorgeous about a wrap dress! Never interest yourself in a basic wrap dress. Go for wrap dresses that fits right in from the bust to the waist. I absolutely love Inidima on this number.Perfection!

Instagram: @inidimaokojie

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