Wedding Tips: Make the Most of Your Getting Ready Photos

Wedding Tips: Make the Most of Your Getting Ready Photos

Walking down the aisle is one of those moments you’ll remember for the rest of your life, but just before are the heartfelt hours you’ll treasure just as much. Avoiding stress and enjoying the moment is probably one of the biggest tips you’ll hear from former brides.

So we’ve whipped up our top 7 Must-Do’s for those pre-aisle moments…

1. Budget for time
Give yourself some you time when filling out your wedding day spreadsheet. Truth is, time flies by faster than you’ll believe and you want to give yourself some time to truly relax, unwind and have some precious time with your gals before the beautifying begins. Getting ready before the getting ready (in pretty robes *wink*) will allow for great photos for the gram.

2. Provide clothing that’s easy to take off after hair and makeup is done
This is one of those things you wouldn’t ordinarily think about until it’s too late, but when your done with your makeup, the last thing you want is to have your hair or makeup ruined while struggling with a t-shirt. Robes are a good way to go because they are pretty, hassle-free and super cozy.


3. Play with colors

Think about how you want these shots to pop. Spice up the look by giving your bridesmaids different colors can create images to create more depth. Add a fun accessory like a flower crown or thoughtful jewelry pieces to make the party look more bridal and carefree.

wedding25. Turn off your cell phones
Or at least give your cell to someone who can answer any last minute questions/to-do’s so that you’re not bothered with that. You can’t soak up a moment from behind your phone, and trust us, there’s nothing happening on Instagram that’s more exciting than your wedding day.

6. Share stories
The stage is set for the ultimate grown-girl sleepover – without the sleep. Snuggle up in your satin robes, bring out the fluffy pillows and pop open the champagne as your girls reminisce on some of their favorite memories through the years. Gist about your fiancé, the honeymoon and the bits you’re most looking forward to about marriage. This is when your photographer needs to be clicking away.

wedding7. Get treats for yourself and bridesmaids

No one’s ever grumpy while they’re snacking. Stock your refrigerator with your favorite snacks so you can nibble while you chitchat with the gals.  Your wedding day can get be overwhelming, and you might forget to eat or even lose your appetite, snacking is a good way to relax and fill your stomach up at the same time.


These pre-aisle tips are sure to muster the happy vibes you need in the moments before you say “I do”, and the best way to set yourself up for a relaxed, laid-back and stress-free atmosphere is a comfy wardrobe.

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