This September: Get Fit With The Verve Life Fitness Event

This September: Get Fit With The Verve Life Fitness Event

Have you heard the expression “Use it or lose it”? It is true! If you don’t use your body well, you will surely lose it.
Staying active by keeping fit with right diet is vital to overall health. The best way to
improve your health is to engage in the right exercises and eat the right food.

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Research suggests that as little as 5 minutes of light exercise immediately after learning
session improves memory. Nutritionists and medical experts have also advised that
reducing our intake of empty calories (calories that come from foods or drinks that have little or
no nutritional value) can help us achieve a healthier lifestyle.
There is however something else you need to know about getting fit, would you like to
know what it is? Then join other health conscious Nigerians like you at the first Verve Life fitness event taking place on the 30th September 2017 at Landmark event Centre, Lagos
by 7:30am. Come and learn the ultimate secrete of staying healthy and fit from Fitness
experts and nutritionist.
The event is FREE, all you need to do is register. Visit now to register.

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