Lifestyle Of Oreoluwa – 90s Flashback: The Diamond Ring #ThrowbackThursday

Lifestyle Of Oreoluwa – 90s Flashback: The Diamond Ring #ThrowbackThursday

The Diamond Ring is unarguably one of my all time favourite Nigerian movie. The movie was released in 1998 and directed by Tade Ogidan; I can vividly remember where I watched this movie the first time and how I truly enjoyed it.

However, watching this movie all over again this year, I realised that it is both entertaining and educative. Here are the five things I grasped after rewatching:

1| Growth will forever be a good thing

For people who know me well, you would know that I am a big believer of growing and embracing growth. I believe that if you are not growing, you are stagnant, and stagnancy is not a good thing. Rewatching this movie made to me appreciate Nollywood and how far they have gone. Someone may say that the growth in the Nigerian movie industry is slow, but the truth is you can’t neglect the fact that they have grown and is still growing.

2| When it comes to friendship age does not matter

The friendship Dozie (Teju Babyface) and Bimbo (Bimbo Akintola) had in the movie was a beautiful one. Bimbo appreciated Dozie and didn’t even bother about the age difference, she saw him as a brother and treated him as one (also vice versa).

Dozie, on the other hand, was ready to do anything for her. I wondered if this was because he didn’t have a solid relationship with her sister or because he was just drawn to her from the day they met.

3| Pampering is not love

There is not doubt that Chief Dike (RMD) loved his son Dozie and wanted the very best for him, but that obviously wasn’t enough. As Ijeoma of ijefinelivin wrote in her post: ”parenting is a spiritual calling”. God has given parents their children and it is a beautiful thing, however, many parents are guilty of not paying attention to their children.

Many parents believe that provision is all that is needed to be done. No, it is not; you need to be interested in everything about your children. However, there is a very thin line between being interested and invading your children’s privacy.

4| Never underestimate the love of a parent

When the dead woman, Madam Gladys (Liz Benson), whose ring was stolen told Chief Dike and his family to run some errands to save their child, you would think that that they will give up, but they never did. Chief Chike pulled through to the very end because of the mad love he has for his son. Blood is, indeed, thicker

5| Peer pressure is a serious issue

Oh, yes it is. Many youths are not strong enough to overcome it. Look at Dozie’s story: he was young and ambitious, but still fell a victim of peer pressure. He, however, realised that it was wrong to have joined the bad gang, but it was too late for him.

This is why parents should be very comfortable to have certain conversations with their children. They are yours, you should know them to a certain level.

Want to rewatch or watch this classic? I got you covered!

Click here to watch Part 1

Click here to watch Part 2





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