Nims’ Corner – Bridal Train Professional

Nims’ Corner – Bridal Train Professional

I have been on three Bridal trains this year, with two more to come in the near future, not including several others in the past years. Like the typical Nigerian that I am, I am quick to give myself the title, Bridal Train Professional. 

There are a few things I’ve learnt in this ‘professional’ journey and the next few sentences you would read would be aimed at highlighting some of these insights for people who, just like me, would find themselves on this interesting  career path of bridesmaids duties.


Find Out If You’re Footing The Bill!

Your friend could be getting married to Dangote’s son and have all expenses covered by his Billionaire father but most times this isn’t the case and he’s someone who’s experiencing the recession just as you are. Find out on time if you’re paying for your dress + other expenses – Makeup, Hair styling and more.


If You Can, Choose The Style Of Your Dress

This is very important if you do not want to spend so much money on a dress you would never be able to wear again. By chipping in style suggestions with other members of the team, you can come up with something reusable or re-workable to fit future purposes.


Do Not Overspend!

For anything at all! Reuse your weave and wig and have them styled nicely for the day. Or go for easy fixes like the Halo braids if the bride permits.



Start The D- Day Early 

Start the day as early as possible, especially if you’re spending the night at the hotel with other girls. You have to be awake by 5 am because well, you’re sharing bathrooms and you want to be one of the first people to use it and also get an early start with your face beat.


Pack The Essentials In Your Clutch

Flipflops, handkerchiefs, pocket mirror and a fancy hand-fan are a must! All other essentials can be added.


Most importantly, slay!!!!!

Just like I did in these pictures… lol


Bridal train dresses 101 (1)

Bridal train dresses 101 (5)

Bridal train dresses 101 (2)

Bridal train dresses 101 (3)

Bridal train dresses 101 (6)

Bridal train dresses 101 (4)

Bridal train dresses 101













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