Survival Kit For Days The Rain Just Won’t Stop

Survival Kit For Days The Rain Just Won’t Stop

The skies have opened and the rains are upon us. There seems to be no stopping the rain right now. Today, for example, it has literally been raining ALL DAY! It started raining around 4 a.m and at 4 p.m, the rain has not let up. It really is quite tiresome.

I made the mistake of having my freshly relaxed hair out this week and it has just been a frizzy mess. My shoes are a mess and my teeth are constantly chattering. Safe to say I am definitely not enjoying the rain. Did I mention having to wade through disgustingly murky water because drainage in Lagos State is non- existent.

So I have decided that since the rain does not seem to be going anywhere and is turning into a daily affair, I need a rainy season survival kit.

An Umbrella:


This is essential for obvious reason. Whether you are making a trip from your house to your car, or taking public transportation. An umbrella is essential to protect your body from rain. It is advisable to get a portable one that can fit easily into a handbag. However, make sure it is a sturdy umbrella and not one that gets blown over by a small gust of wind.


Rain Bonnet:


While I am not a huge fan of these, because  I think they are rather “old ladyish”, these are really important, especially if you do not want to end up with frizzy hair like me.



This a really good alternative to umbrellas, especially if you don’t want the hassle of lugging an umbrella around. While I haven’t worn these since I was a kid, I think I need to invest in one.

Plastic/ Beach Bag:


This will protect your belonging from getting wet, especially items like your phone. It will also help you keep your leather bags safe.

Plastic Footwear:



This is really important. Shoes are probably the worst hit by the rain. I mean, they go through a lot…slushy through puddle and who knows what. Apart from the fact that they can actually spoil, they also start to smell after getting  exposed to water. It makes sense to get rubber shoes. These come in different varieties. The Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa line makes really amazing rubber shoes that come in a wide variety of designs.

Other Essentials:

A nice warm jacket, especially for those who work with people who always need the AC on, even when it is freezing cold. So if you can’t snuggle under your blanket on those days, stay warm in a coat and keep those teeth from chattering.

A nice hot cuppa:

Whether it is tea or coffee or hot chocolate, make yourself a steaming mug of your beverage of choice.

An APB on reckless drivers:

You know those reckless drivers who speed up when they see a puddle and splash poor pedestrians with unmentionables, something needs to be done about them. While this isn’t really possible, a girl can only dream.

There you go, my thoughts on what you need to survive those rainy days. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments. Stay dry.

Kelechi Osuji
Kelechi is an industrial engineer with a love for food, music, reading and all things beauty. When she is not in bed with a book and a snack, you'll probably find her frolicking with her five dogs.

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