Naturi Naughton “Tasha” In Hot Maternity Shoot For Essence Magazine!

Naturi Naughton “Tasha” In Hot Maternity Shoot For Essence Magazine!

Naturi Naughton is oh so cute in her recent maternity shoot for Essence magazine! Maternity shoot has become a “culture”

Maternity shoot has become a “culture” for modern day women who choose to express the joy of motherhood in this manner. It’s like one of the last minutes ticking-the-checklist preparation for the baby’s arrival. 

Tasha, as she is known for a character in the ongoing series-Power, is a strong character who fights for her children and family. In reality, she is a strong woman to be reckoned with. As she explains to Essence Magazine: “Logistically, just trying to prepare my home, my nursery, prepare my mind. I don’t really know a perfect way to be prepared to be a mother. It’s really hard because there’s so many things that keep running through my mind and it feels like it’s never enough. However, talking to my mother more and just thinking about the examples I had through my grandmothers and my mother and I think just being prepared is just readying myself for what’s to come and just being ready for the blessing“.

We can tell Naturi Naughton will be a good mom and definitely a defender of her family! Go girl!






Courtesy: Essence Magazine

Creative Director – Tiffany Lamb
Hairstylist – Tiffany Lamb
Photographer – Joey Rosado
Makeup Artist – Kenyada Lamb
Stylist – Mickey Freeman
Body Paint – Moshoodat

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