Learn How To Rock A Ponytail Like Lala Anthony

Learn How To Rock A Ponytail Like Lala Anthony

TV personality and actress Lala Anthony has been in the news lately for a lot of things. Her estrangement from her NBA star husband Carmelo Anthony and her role in TV drama series Power has kept her in the headlines. However, today our topic of interest is her hair.

Lala Anthony can be dubbed the queen of ponytails. Whether it’s a sleek high top ponytail or its a casual and wavy one, Lala rocks these effortlessly.

Lala Anthony Is The Queen Of Ponytails:

lala anthony2

lala anthony1

lala anthony7

lala anthony3

lala anthony6

lala anthony4

lala anthony5

lala anthony10

lala anthony12

lala anthony11

lala anthony9

lala anthony

lala anthony13

lala anthony8

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