How Kwena Baloyi Is Making A Statement In Her African-Inspired Hairstyle!

How Kwena Baloyi Is Making A Statement In Her African-Inspired Hairstyle!
Mama Africa was never lost!
Mama Africa was never lost!

The African hairstyle has always been a part of culture and heritage. At a time it seemed like the younger generation was neglecting one of the features which made them who they are. Now with fashion and music, millennials are able to express their individuality and culture.

For Kwena Baloyi, fashion has always been a medium to embrace her African roots and culture. Kwena is a freelance fashion stylist, she has worked with notable fashion brands and celebrities in South Africa. She is known for her eccentric, androgynous and Afrocentric streetstyle.

Recently, Kwena recently made her debut at Pitti Immagine Uomo in Italy, the highly anticipated international event for menswear and the launch of new men’s fashion projects. (culled from Marie Claire).


In a recent interview with Marie Claire Magazine, she talks about her hair known as Krowns.“Being a fashion stylist allows me to see many things as art besides what you find in galleries. I walk and drive to so many different places. For example, I style a lot of TV commercials and getting wardrobe ready for a commercial requires a couple of days, so I do research by visiting places I never thought I would and that in itself inspires how I dress and visualise the Kween in me. I mostly look to women like Mama Miriam Makeba – the krown that made its debut at Pitti was inspired by her and many other African ladies that came before us. I feel I have a responsibility to keep the past alive – our history is rich and full of life lessons and is part of our present lives, so I make sure our krowns keep shining”.

 No doubt Kwena calls the shot with her quirky African-inspired hairstyle!

Unlike modern hairstyles such as braids, twists, weaves etc, Kwena hairdo is majorly made of strategically woven threads, neatly cut lines and best adorned with African beads or cowries. Kwena’s hairdo will definitely get you to appreciate more about African hair and beauty!

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