A Quick Guide To Decluttering Your Closet!

A Quick Guide To Decluttering Your Closet!

Ever been in a relationship where you were kind of just managing, trying to try, barely getting by and you knew deep down that you had to let it go? I have been in several such relationships and it has been mostly with my closet.


Yes, with my closet- with some pieces of clothing, a treasured piece of jewelry (or piece of metal I hardly even recognize anymore) that I hang on to like a stripper on a pole. I would give myself several reasons why these things would still be needed and not let it go when I should just free myself of the emotional baggage and let go of it all.

A few weeks ago, I decided to give my closet a brutal appraisal, the kind of appraisal you give a failing relationship, where you sit down and really address the situation. It helped that I did. I couldn’t help but gawk at the space left in my closet after I was done. Who would have thought that my bottom drawer could have such possibilities for storage? It was a refreshing experience.

Decluttering road mapDecluttering your wardrobe isn’t just physical detachment, it can be mental too as it takes conditioning your mind so you can recognize that you don’t need that item. You’ve not needed them in a year or even two and you won’t need them till kingdom comes.

Get rid of them, the baggage of the past – the gift from the ex boyfriend you curse everyday but yet you still cling to that piece without wearing it, the skirt that has gotten too tight and you’ve been working on slimming down just for that skirt, the broken charm bracelet you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anymore but hang on to because you like the pendants .

To make it easier, ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I love this item?
  • Is it stained or damaged?
  • Does it make me look and feel good? (ask a friend or partner if you are unsure).
  • Would I buy it today?
  • Would I buy it today if it wasn’t on sale?
  • Will I want to replace it with something newer?
  • Is it still my style?

After this assessment, sort the undesirables into three different piles, depending on what you want, what the issue is with them and what you have to do with them afterwards.

sort eliminate group

When you’re done, re-organise your wardrobe so you see what you do have that you can actually use and take advantage of your new-found space.











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