Types Of Engagement Ring Cuts & Their Significance

Types Of Engagement Ring Cuts & Their Significance

There are several types of engagement ring cuts. Each cut is suited for a certain type of bride. Find out what engagement ring cut suits your personality.

Types Of Engagement Ring Cuts:

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring:

The emerald cut was originally developed for the gem of the same name. It is rectangular with cropped corners and long, stair-step-like facets. Emerald-cut lovers are all about understated luxury and are drawn to things that are modern, glamorous and elegant, but not over-the-top.They also pay attention to detail and are drawn to things that are exquisitely crafted and high quality.

emerald cut engagement ring
Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
Princess Cut Engagement Ring:

The Princess Cut is a brilliant cut square stone. It is Traditionally square-shaped with pointed, cut corners. It gives gives major sparkle with a combination of step and brilliant-cut facets. It is a traditional cut ideal for the traditional bride.

princess cut engagement ring
Princess Cut Engagement Ring
Oval Cut Engagement Ring:

The oval shape, which first began appearing in the Sixties, visually elongates the fingers and is completely unique. It has an even, perfectly symmetrical design and elongated shapes flatters any hand, giving the illusion of length.

Oval Cut Engagement Ring
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring:

Cushion cuts feature softened corners and large facets for extra sparkle—which means it’s a cut better suited to larger stones. This style has a distinctive vintage charm, but put it in a sleek setting and it feels instantly updated. It is for the romantic bride who wants a tinge of the modern.

cushion cut engagement ring
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring
Heart Cut Engagement Ring:

This modified round brilliant cut stone is all about symmetry–ensuring that both sides of the shape are perfectly even. An undeniable symbol of love, this cut is possibly the hardest to wear well. If it doesn’t perfectly suit the personality of the bride, it stands to look a bit tacky. It is for the whimsical bride, with a flair for the theatrical.

heart cut diamond ring
Heart Cut Engagement Ring
Asscher Cut Engagement Ring:

Developed in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers in Holland, the Asscher cut is often called a “square emerald cut” for it’s cropped corners and square shape. One of the most famous Asscher cut diamonds is the 33.19-carat Krupp Diamond, given to Elizabeth Taylor by her husband Richard Burton in 1968. It is for the bride who appreciates history and has an Old World elegance and sophistication.

asscher cut engagement ring
Asscher Cut Engagement Ring
Marquise Cut Engagement Ring:

Inspired by the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour, the elongated marquise cut diamond with pointed ends was commissioned by Louis XIV to match it. The elongated cut on both sides makes hands look long and lean, and its exaggerated shape requires wedding bands to sit underneath or in perfect compliment to it.

marquise cut engagement ring
Marquise Cut Engagement Ring
Round Cut Engagement Ring:

One of the most popular cuts for an engagement ring, the round cut is also a classic diamond shape. The sparkling cut boasts a standard 58 facets for maximum reflection of light. One stare at its brilliance and it’s clear why this style is so iconic. It is for the classic soul who appreciates tradition and things that withstand the test of time.

round cut diamond ring
Round Cut Engagement Ring
Pear Cut Engagement Ring:

A pear-cut diamond also resembles its name. An added bonus to the pear shape is that if you wear it with the point facing away from your body, it makes your finger look long and slender. A cross between a Marquise and oval cut, this sparkling teardrop is an elegant and flattering option. It’s unique shape makes smaller carat stones look larger than they actually are. It is for the bride who is a risk taker but also has a sense of tradition.

pear cut engagement ring
Pear Cut Engagement Ring

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