Lifestyle Of Oreoluwa – If You’re Unemployed, These Are The Five Things You Must Know/Do

Lifestyle Of Oreoluwa – If You’re Unemployed, These Are The Five Things You Must Know/Do

”I truly believe in trusting your struggle, knowing that the hardship you go through will somehow end up being for your own benefit; I also in turning a blind eye to competition, I believe in giving, I believe in trusting ad knowing that your opportunity will one day come, you just have to be ready.” – Zain Asher.

The transition from school to the real world can be stressful, confusing and at the same time exciting. As a recent Journalism and Media Communications graduate, I can totally relate to this; schooling has been everything and more to me for so many years.


To be honest, the thought of entering the corporate world was exciting regardless of the many ”there are no jobs” conversations I had with people. Researching was one major thing I did as I planned my journey as a working professional.

Here are the things I did to stay sane when I was unemployed:

1| Create a morning routine that energizes you

Believe it or not, morning routines are magical. After I finished my dissertation, I formed the habit of laying my bed as soon as I got up from my bed – this made me feel like I had somewhere to go and it felt refreshing. I would recommend creating a morning routine that will help you prepare for the day.

2| Network! Network! Network!

I am pro-networking! You need to connect and meet people to help develop your career: you can’t do it alone. Attend career events, do not be too shy to tell the person next to you that you are unemployed and currently searching for a job.


I mentioned in this post that I got an internship job because I attended a party and connected with the people there? Do not belittle the power of networking.

3| Don’t compare yourself to others

Remember that we are all on a different journey and you really can’t tell what the person, who is very successful, is going through. Stop comparing your growth and focus on your self-development.

This is difficult, but it is possible.

4| Research! Research! Research!

For those who do not like researching, this may be a sad news for you (Haha). Prepare yourself by constantly researching before you get that interview call. You have to be ready at all times.


Keep your mind sharp by reading books, watching the news and staying current with information relating to your profession.

5| Work on your personal development

Unemployment, in my opinion, makes you think and plan more and this is in sync with the above tip – enjoy your life to the fullest.

Job search for unemployed

Thank you for reading, guys!

Please share some of the lessons you have learnt from being unemployed.

I’m Oréoluwa. A 90s lady, multimedia journalist and coffee enthusiast blogging about my interests and other things that shape me. Follow my blog,, read my tweets, @teeVaa_, and scroll through my pictures, @teevaa_

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