10 DIY Fun & Easy Chokers To Make By Yourself At Home

10 DIY Fun & Easy Chokers To Make By Yourself At Home

Chokers are an accessory that have made a comeback and they don’t look like they are going anywhere. They add an edgy element to any look. You could get different types in different stores, but you can actually make your own DIY choker at home.

By making your own DIY choker, you can add fun twists to regular chokers, making them totally unique. You only need a few items.

Materials Used:

1) Lace Choker- Velvet Lace, Fancy Lace, Flower Lace, Velcro, Hot Glue gun or you can even stitch if you want.
2) Denim Choker- Denims in blue and black, Eyelets, Thin Shoe Lace, Hot glue gun, Velcro.
3) Decorating Basic Choker- Single Strand Rhinestone Chain, Fancy laces like Sparkly, pearl or diamond ones, half cut pearls, velvet lace in different colors, an old bracelet.

DIY Easy To Make Chokers BY Creations To Inspire:

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