Nail That Job Interview With The Zina Anumudu’s Corporate Style!

Nail That Job Interview With The Zina Anumudu’s Corporate Style!

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Going for the job interview might be one hell of an experience and nailing it takes a whole lot of deliberate effort! As the adage goes “First impression matters a lot”, you have to be at your best on this one and trust me you don’t want to slip on this one.

Ozinna Anumudu is a “girl boss” when it comes to style, she’s the founder of  The Style Concierge and sure has a flair for looking flawless! Her style is chic and classy, and she nails it each time she steps out. We love Ozinna Anumudu’s work style and we are taking tips from her corporate style and how to nail that interview by impressing your employer by just looks!

1.KISS IT: Yes! Keep It Simple & Stylish!

It’s a no brainer on this one! Keep your style simple and classy. Sometimes, we forget that too much of everything may just be the turn-off. Your employer may have some negative perceptions about your choice of style and if they are outspoken about it, they may tell you how poorly dressed you are or judge you by your look.




Dresses are beautiful to start with. It can be an easy way out if you are confused on what to wear and if you have a dress, you are good to go! All you have to do is get your accessory ready, match it up and look your best!




Comfort is a key element in fashion. If what you are wearing isn’t comfortable even if it’s stylish, doesn’t cut it at all. When you are comfortable in your outfit, the rest of the interview goes well even if you have a wardrobe malfunction and you are still confident, that might be your selling point.

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If you think your accessory from shoes, bags & jewelry are overlooked you might want to double think on that because they aren’t. Every employer notices your outfit first, then later in the conversation, they notice your jewelry, shoes and bag. You don’t want to walk in on your first day having a “swearing shoe” funny huh? Invest in your accessory because everyone gets to notice it once you step in.



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