Chic & Low Maintenance Hairstyles For NYSC Orientation Camp

Chic & Low Maintenance Hairstyles For NYSC Orientation Camp

Life in NYSC orientation camp is a struggle. From the first day to the last day, you are going to suffer! Still, I am of the opinion that your physical appearance should represent that suffering. In my opinion, it is best to at least know you look good while undergoing that struggle and an easy way to look good is with your hairstyle choice for NYSC camp.

When it comes to hairstyles for NYSC camp, it is best go for the most comfortable hairstyle. It is also best to go for hairstyles that need little or no styling. Hairstyles of choice for camp include braids, Ghana weaving, crochet, twists and the like.

I would not really advise weaves because while in camp, you are exposed to the weather elements. You could be on parade ground and it might start raining and then your hair would be ruined. Same reason is applicable to natural hair. Exposing your own hair to elements like rain, harsh sunlight and the like is not beneficial to the hair but with braids and twists, they are very low maintenance and easy to style.

Some Hairstyles Inspiration For NYSC Camp:

hairstyles for nysc

hairstyles for nysc

nysc hair4

nysc hair2

nysc hair6

nysc hair5

nysc hair7

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