Beauty Trend: Would You Try This Yellow Blush Trend?

Beauty Trend: Would You Try This Yellow Blush Trend?

For some reason, blushes don’t really appeal to ladies if it’s not pink or red. But there has been a trend lately on Instagram to make you think twice about trying a lighter shade of blush such as yellow!

Beauty bloggers are jumping on this trend ever since international model Ida Dyberg picture went viral on Instagram. Beauty bloggers have added the yellow lipstick and eyeliner for more fun to the look. It seems we would have to kiss contouring goodbye!

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rihanna’s look at the Met Gala 2017 provoked the yellow blush trend because the technique looks quite similar just a difference of colour. With so much creativity and controversial looks being cool, are you going to jump on the yellow blush trend?

For the melanin skin tones, I’m excited to see how well this blush looks on you! I recommend the darker the yellow, the better (correct me if I’m wrong)

See a few examples!



Picture credit: Instagram (Refinery 29)


Credit: Instagram (Diana Carreiro)


Credit: Tova Tomiko


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