Fashion For Church #79: Why We Love Chic Ama’s Church Style!

Fashion For Church #79: Why We Love Chic Ama’s Church Style!

fashion for church chic amaSome women don’t see fashion as boring even when it deals with some strict church rules. Some ladies try to bend the rules and get away with it (in a good way though) and we can’t emphasize enough how we spotted our eyes on Chic Ama and fell in love with her church styles!

Chic Ama is a Nigerian fashion blogger/brand influencer based overseas. She loves fashion and makes a living out of it. Although she can be quite edgy in some of her styles, we still loved how she makes the modern woman look good, nice and ver comfortable in her outfits. When it comes to creativity in style, fashion-forward outfits, Chic Ama is your best bet to get you inspired!

She loves to be classy in style, she never forgets her pumps or heels which gives her that personality and prestige and that’s how others should view the Christian woman. One with class. When she adorns herself, it’s with all decency!

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Credit: Instagram (@chicamastyle)

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