Photos: Sumptuous Foods & Drinks At The GTB Food&Drinks Festival! (Day 1)

Photos: Sumptuous Foods & Drinks At The GTB Food&Drinks Festival! (Day 1)

foods at the gtb food and drink festToday is a public holiday and lots of grub at the GTB Food and Drinks festival which is a perfect combination! For any workaholic like me, it’s the best time to enjoy the moment, go out there and have a decent meal by top Nigerian and International chefs.

How to enjoy the fest, you must have registered for the event and the master classes. Set off early with your ATM cards loaded because food would be quite cheap. Wear an outfit that is comfortable and allows you to move freely. Attend a few master classes too, network and invest your time tasting a few free meals. Now that the rain has subsided (if you stay on the mainland) setting out before proper lunch time (2pm) is your best bet, there would still be lots of things to explore because not many people would be present because of the heavy rain.

Take loads of selfies, post on your social media network just to prove your day is bubbly (of course it is), spot and make friends with some chefs and take a selfie with them. Buy something and eat with all the love in your system. Don’t forget to exchange complimentary cards!

While I’m observing the event as a social media attendee (because I have to work ok,) let’s check out some foods and drinks you missed if you weren’t there yesterday!

Spot the Nuli Juice Drink product
Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate + Marshmallow. Pic via Instagram @thisisnircle
Waffles and Banana . Pic via Instagram @eniolatito
Potatoes made by Potato Twirl Company
Watemelon with the GTBank logo!
Ready-to-drink coconut juice by Coco To Go Company
Fresh Palmwine from Baylow Farm Foods
Anothe Chocolate Fountain
Candy made by Andies Candies Ng
Fresh Prawns . Pic by @oktlv
Peanuts by Peenuts Company
Rainbow Cake via Ndani Lifestyle
Moi Moi  by  Elewa Foods
Moi Moi by Elewa Foods

And lots more! Remember to step out today with enough in your pockets because food would be relatively cheap. Enjoy!

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