5 MadeInNigeria Footwear Lines Owned By Young Females!

5 MadeInNigeria Footwear Lines Owned By Young Females!

Talk about fashion in all ramification from accessory, footwear and clothes, young Nigerians mean business. The MadeInNigeria movement is not a child’s play because even females are making it big in this business.

Some young female Nigerians are proving their point in the footwear industry and their brands are just as good as any local Italian brands because they are determined to use quality leathers in making their footwears. These brands may be quite young but they have penetrated the heart of the young, cool, savvy and fashion conscious Nigerians.

With their engagement and orders coming on social media, we are sure that these brands would grow even bigger!

We bring you 5 MadeInNigerian footwear by Nigerian females (still in their 20s).

  1. TAJE PREST FOOTWEAR:Taje PrestThe unconventional footwear owned by Taje Prest who is a plus size model and media girl. Her footwear is quite different from other types. It’s strictly for females and comes in different bright colours. You can spot her footwear anywhere in the world with its large bow and bright colours. Taje has launched her footwear line in Lagos, Abuja, London, South Africa and counting.
  2. IVY BARBER NG:ivy barberYou can spot an Ivy Barber brand by its clean features, comfortable and classic looks. It is a unisex footwear brand, 100% made in Nigeria by local artisans. Ivy Barber is a brand name owned by Miss Tutu but the brand is named after her mum. The footwear has become one of the most sought after brands because of its features by young Nigerians because you need something comfortable, simple and classic on a day to day basis. 
  3.  GAFA FOOTWEAR NG:gafa sandalsGafa footwear has to give your local Italian brands a run for their money. You can spot a Gafa footwear by their creative designs. They have made designs from fringe, H-theme, bow slides etc in mature colours. The unisex footwear line is 100% made in Nigeria by local artisans and is based in Abuja. Owned by Grace Alex a fashion blogger who has a passion in making footwears. Gafa became famous for her gladiator sandals which became accepted by young females who have an eye in fashion. The Gafa brand is no new name to the youth culture.
  4. SFD BY ZIZA;sfdThe SFD by ZIZA brand is your go-to for a comfortable and chic. It’s also a unisex brand and has definitely been going strong. The brand owned by Mayowa Folami has its signature gladiator sandals that has made young ladies embrace her creativity. Mayowa is a total workaholic. She’s a Lawyer-in-training, a fashion blogger, model and runs her footwear line. For simplicity and class, both for men and women, Mayowa’s brand name is one to remember.
  5. DVNX FIT;dvx fitThis is just the newest member of the footwear family. Who would have thought about making footwears out of denim except for Stephanie Cole. This brand is definitely for the cool and fashion enthusiast who know the deal wearing denim. Her footwear signature is the denim. She has expanded the use of denim to make different styles of footwear from the trendy embroidery trend to the knotted footwear trend.
Vickie O.

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