The Corset Belt Is The New Street Style Trend Fashion Enthusiasts Are Rocking!

The Corset Belt Is The New Street Style Trend Fashion Enthusiasts Are Rocking!

17881448_1007402276056710_55478792642101248_nFor a moment let’s applaud the corset belt for taking over ripped denim and slip-on. How I wanted that trend to stop so badly because it was one trend everyone was going to ditch last year but still kept lingering on.

Thankfully, the corset belt has synched on ladies waist so the denim can stay away for now. If you are over the seas, you would have probably seen a whole lot of designs and detailed corsets.

The corset belt isn’t hard to spot. It’s a big tummy belt with straps. It’s meant to grip your waist and make it smaller and then make the booty appear a bit larger. You may recognise the corset as an undergarment but these days, it’s become a street style trend ladies are hungry to explore on the outside. One good job it does is to make your belly appear smaller and sort of train your waist but you must apply caution so you don’t tighten your waist that you hurt yourself.

Take a cue from fashionistas all around the Instagram community and apply some basic skill by wearing this belt on an oversized white top and thigh high boots or shorts. If you want to be business casual with a bit of sass, then add the corset belt and you are good to go!

Let’s see how it’s done by fashionistas!


Temi Otedola
Maryam Salam
Credit via Instagram @aboutthatlook
Anna Djouardi
Anna Djouardi

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