Asoebi Styles #112: Do It Like The Squad!

Asoebi Styles #112: Do It Like The Squad!
Asoebi and the squad of fashion
A Squad who slay together lasts forever!

Let’s take this time to appreciate the Asoebi squads! Those who make the party really lively and fun. You know them! They come in groups, they form a really enviable clique with sl much sophistication.

If you can’t beat them, join them but you can’t overpower an Asoebi squad. Never! They may be the bride’s friend who are strongly in support of the bride therefore, they came prepared. Well-dressed, ready to support and get the good guys to notice. We love the Asoebi squad because they make the party live, fun and exciting.

So, never try to go to any Asoebi party without putting 100% into your outfit because the squad is there to gossip you off. Get outfit inspirations from the link below for more styles!

This is how they dress to parties!



Click HERE to see inspiring Asoebi styles!

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