Corporate Drapes #410: 10 Coloured Blazers For Work!

Corporate Drapes #410: 10 Coloured Blazers For Work!
Empress Jamila looks hot in her nude blazer!

Blazers are work staples by which come in different types, shapes and even colours. Blazers add personality to your look, gives you that “work mode” effect. 

For a lot of women who know fashion, coloured blazers are IT”. Step out in coloured blazers for a chicer but sophisticated look. Ditch your usual black blazers that go with anything for a coloured one. 

Coloured blazers are better when you go monochromic on your look. If you are good at matching colours, then this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Accessories would determine if your look is a bit too much or moderate. I mean, go easy with the accessories when styling a coloured blazer.

See some looks here!

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Credit:Instagram (@olarslim)

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