Why the Asoebi Squad Is a Constant At Every Nigerian Wedding

Why the Asoebi Squad Is a Constant At Every Nigerian Wedding


If you’re a regular at Nigerian weddings, you definitely are familiar with the Asoebi Squad. The word asoebi is coined from two yoruba words: “aso” and “ebi” which respectively translate to clothes and kin. Hence, asoebi literally translates to clothes of the kin. The asoebi squad is usually a group of women who share a close relationship with the bride or her family. They range from close friends of the bride to relatives and colleagues.

The asoebi squad adds a lot of glitz and glamor to a wedding. Seeing several girls in synchronized outfits adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” to weddings.  Apart from this, the asoebi squad also gives the bride a certain level of support. When it is time for the couple to dance in, her squad basically ushers her in. In igbo culture, during the igba nkwu (wine carrying), the asoebi girls dance with the bride when she makes her first appearance. This is also done in yoruba engagements and other Nigerian traditional weddings,

We know for a fact that the asoebi squad is going to remain a constant fixture in Nigerian weddings. If not for anything else, because they are so good to look at.


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bride and her asoebi

asoebi squad

asoebi squadasoebi bella2

asoebi squad

asoebi squad

asoebi squadasoebi squad

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Image Credit: Klala Photography, J-Gates Visuals, Photonimi, TS Imagery, Biyi Adeleke Photography, Nonso Okoye, @weddingdigestnigeria

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