Fashion: Bloggers Collaborate To Show Us How To Rock The Embroidery Trend!

Fashion: Bloggers Collaborate To Show Us How To Rock The Embroidery Trend!

17662568_1858646174404667_5665492133247713280_nStill on this embroidery trend “ish..” If you are a fashion enthusiast and you still don’t know the embroidery trend is the talk of town then I say, drop that attitude! 

It just fascinates me how bloggers collaborate to make you jump on some trends just like Chic Ama and her collaboration with two other bloggers, Shade (Shade Bvlgari) and Keke ( Style Your Selfie) respectively. 

Take a look at how they styled the embroidered floral pattern on a striped shirt and denim jeans and how she and Keke rocked their Medici da Natalia embroidered shirt. So high-class babes, I’m literally swooning!

When they rocked their sunglasses and expensive nude heels, I died (I mean I needed more air to contain this hot So much sauce on this trend guys, pick an old striped shirt or plain shirt and get’em embroidered!

Take your time and stare at their looks!


Yes..Chic Ama has got some style innit?

Shade Bvlgari on the seat and Chic Ama posing beside her….too much sauce!

Err..don’t think you can hang out with them if you aren’t on this trend..*winks*

Chic and Keke of Styleyourselfie…#pepperdemgang



Put a “respeck” on it because the world is their runway! Holla!

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