Single & Searching? These Are The Things You Should Do!

Single & Searching? These Are The Things You Should Do!

Recently, while talking to my very single best friend, it dawned on me that for most single people, especially ladies, there are certain things/factors that have been neglected by them that has contributed majorly to their singleness.

My best friend for instance, has no online presence. She seldom posts pictures of herself on Instagram, she only watches Snap Chat videos but has never posted a Snap herself, she’s is as missing as Dino Melaye’s certificate on Twitter and hardly goes anywhere in real life!

How is a man supposed to find you if you’re living in your own shell. I know the men are supposed to be the one to search for the good thing but relationship/love isn’t Gulder Ultimate Search and most men do not have the resilience and persistence of Nicholas Cage in National Treasure.


Listen up, if you truly want to find that special man or rather, have that man find you, there are appropriate steps to take and you need to keep reading to understand few of these steps I’ve outlined for you.


Be Visible

Visibility is key! While no one expects you to pull a Toke Makinwa, constantly posting pictures and attending all events possible, but you need to let people see you. Go out, take care of yourself, invest in your looks. Let the men see your buffness, let them appreciate your glow, let them wonder if there’s a man in your life, and because there isn’t, (you’re single remember), let them want to be that man.


Take Good Pictures

This is very very important! You need to take good pictures of yourself and show off your best angles (not nudity as we want to attract good men not scum). Get the most flattering angles for your selfies and make use of natural light and not filters! Sunlight gives the best glow!

african american woman taking a selfie


Target Single Populated Places

In my dictionary, single populated places are places where you have the maximum congregation of single people together. From years of experience (Thankfully, one Oga has taken me off the human market), I found out that single men like to stay together and they go out together.

Single & Searching - Festival

Where are these places you might ask? I would list them below.

  • Churches (You better believe me when I say church isn’t for prayer only anymore)
  • Clubs ( Be very selective about this. Both the good men and the scums dress well and look fine in clubs)
  • Karaoke Bars (I’ve met many people just by pretending I know how to sing)
  • Shopping Bazaars, Fun Festivals, and more ( Trust me on this)
  • Weddings (If possible be on the bridal train)
  • Birthday Parties of Single Men (Too many options Sis!)


Keep Your DM’s Open & Unlock All Accounts

I’m always amused when any of my single friends has private accounts on Instagram and Twitter. Are you posting NASA codes eh? Why you making it hard for your stalker and crush? Most men like to go through pictures and have a look at what they are going for before taking the next step. If your account is now locked, my sister, you are on your own o!


Single and searching - locked instagram account


Turn To Baba God

Sis, if you do all these things, or have been doing them and no luck, like no man has even looked at you, then pray abeg. It just might be your village people.


If you know, you know
If you know, you know




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