Mastercard Wellness Month: Hale & Hearty Is Giving Up To 10% Off Their Healthy Goodies!

Mastercard Wellness Month: Hale & Hearty Is Giving Up To 10%  Off Their Healthy Goodies!

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Hale & Hearty

Hale & Hearty Pharmacy is a Pharmaceutical and Whole Foods Store that is very accessible to the public. They supply both Prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. In addition to ensuring an accurate supply of quality medicines and supplements, they offer professional counselling on medication use and also provide drug information to other health professionals and the general public.

Hale & Hearty believes the full stories of their products are important. They provide whole and Organic Foods, Gluten and Wheat Free products, Non- Dairy milk and assorted Nuts and Seeds. Their goal is to prevent rather than cure, while also meeting the nutritional needs in disease state.

Check Out Hale & Hearty Discouts Below:

bob's oatsOption 1:
Bob’s Red Mill Quick Cooking Organic Rolled Oats Whole Grain: N5000 N4,500

quinoaOption 2:
Bob’s Red Mill Organic Wholegrain Quinoa: N8500 N7,650

dnk-00310-1_3_Option 3:
Dukan Diet Oat Bran Diet Supplement: N4500 N4,050

now brazil nutsOption 4:
Now Real Food Organic Brazil Nuts N8000 N7,200

Celtic-SEa-Salt-image-for-blog-1024x683Option 5:
Celtic Sea Salt N9000 N8,100

vitacost-2230-3094935-1-zoomOption 6:
Himalaya Pink Salt N8000 N7,100

manuka honeyOption 7:
Manuka Honey N20,000 N18,000

1526c204_sunflowerseeds_f_hrOption 8:
Bob’s Red Mill Organic Sunflower Seeds N4800 N4,320

1100c284_redbulgur_f_1800_1024x1024Option 9:
Bob’s Red Mill Wholegrain Bulgur Wheat N4500 N4,050

1600c224_glutenfree_allpurposeflour_f_1800_1Option 10:
Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Powder N6500 N5,850

4,500 4,050

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