Delicious Naija! First Stop: Daura – Katsina State

Delicious Naija! First Stop: Daura – Katsina State


Nobody told me that if you left rice on fire for too long, you could get Tuwo Shinkafa! Our mothers have scammed us! Lol! But for real, it’s one of the things we learned in the latest episode of Delicious Naija that went up North Nigeria to Daura, Katsina. Tuwo is made from short grain rice, rolled forever and ever and ever…

Sani Danja! It must be nice getting a meal with one of Northern Nigeria’s celebrities… Bunmi ate some life-giving Tuwo Shinkafa with the music Star and then went to see the MAGGI star of the episode. Haraja Sanni Lawal is the real superstar whose praises were sung by her husband. Food so gooood, your family never eats outside. So, of course – we wanted to learn these skills so we were gingered.

And she came through with the Brabisco and Fura & Nunu recipe that she shared with us. We could smell it from here – true talk! Also yasss, new way to make Cous-Cous! Looks like a proper healthy meal too, so my fit-fam brethren won’t give me any side-eyes. It was such a mouth-watering episode that we too had to learn the Hausa way to say thank you to Hajara and MAGGI. I mean, Bunmi was so into stirring the Fura & Nunu, she broke the spoon! Haha! So, Nagode!

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