Are You Planning A Destination Wedding in London? – This Might Help!

Are You Planning A Destination Wedding in London? – This Might Help!

Destination wedding in London has become increasingly popular by people around the world. London which is the capital of England and also the financial/fashion capital of Europe is an amazing city with lots of activities to partake in. No wonder the capital is popular amongst brides-to-be and grooms-to-be as the perfect wedding destination. It’s also of no surprise because through migration, many Nigerians now have family members residing in the west, with London being one of the most popular choices. 

It only makes sense for Nigerian couples to consider celebrating their wedding with family and friends who live in Europe. So, why not a destination wedding in London. There really isn’t a reason why not, except the Forex, is affecting your wedding budget. However, if you belong to the lucky category of “money ain’t a problem”, then the infographics on a wedding in London created by Landmark hotel might help you navigate your way through the city with ease and ensure your destination wedding is a success. 

Wedding in London Infographics by Landmark Hotel

wedding in london

Credit: @landmarkhotel

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