A Letter To My Sisters

A Letter To My Sisters


Dear Sisters,

I regard you as God’s most beautiful creations. Your stomachs carry the generations unborn. Your hands feed and nurture. You are the nucleus of every society.
You sparkle every time you are up and about. Please do not lose your true identity each time you put the layers of foundation on your face.

The shimmer you apply on your eyelids and the blush on your cheeks do not make up the essence of who you truly are.

Please endeavor to build up one another. There is no joy to be found in tearing each other down over riches or customized clothing.

Though not all men are just, it does not speak well of you to covet a man that belongs to another. In God’s own time, He will bring you a man whose affections you don’t have to long for, a man  will cherish you alone and treat you as the queen you are.

Sisters, do not look down on a man because he doesn’t have a television. Stick with him if his dreams are big enough and he could put you on television. At the same time, know your worth. Do not let any man mess with your heart. There is no shame in walking away from a poisonous relationship.

 Never forget, sisters,  we were made from love to give love. Embrace your flaws and your strengths. I will always have faith in you.



Author: Kemi Thomas

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