Master Card Wellness Month: ‘Diet Munchers’ and Their Delicious Meals Up To 15% Off!

Master Card Wellness Month: ‘Diet Munchers’ and Their Delicious Meals Up To 15% Off!

diet munchers

Diet Munchers

Diet Munchers is a healthy kitchen which offers both tasty and healthy.

They serve healthy alternatives to fast foods of both Continental and Intercontinental dishes.

Also, they offer personalized meal plans for customers which are prepared and delivered daily with whatever the customers dietary requirements maybe.

They also go extra mile by teaching customers on wellness from fruits and Vegetables through Juicing and smoothie packages for Detox, Rejuvenate, Refreshment and revival.

Also Healthy Fruit Baskets and Fruit bouquets. It doesn’t stop there, they also offer Large Scale Healthy Meals “clean eating” catering for organisations and events to help so there’s wider reach to clean eating.

Option 1:

Boli and Fish – Tuesday Special
Our Healthy signature special Boli & Fish, priced at N1500.
Price: N1500 N1275
Option 2:
Smoothies and Juices
These are customers choices of vegetables and fruits mixes. These mixes varies from both detoxing, refreshment in a 500Ml bottle.


Medium (50cl): N1000 N850

Large (75cl): N1500 N1275



Small: N500 N425

Medium (50cl): N1000 N850

Large (75cl): N1500 N1275


Option 3:
Weekly Plan:
Our Weekly meal plan is a three times daily meal, for five working days, Mon-Fri and can be picked up or delivered to our clients designed for any special dietary requirements eg weight loss, diabetes, high blood Pressure. The total number of days is 20days in a month.
This plan is at N84000, (eight four thousand Naira only) but with a special Kamdora discount it is priced at N71,400 (seventy one thousand, four hundred naira only) including delivery to Lekki 1st, 2nd, 3rd and roundabout, VI, to Ikoyi.

1,500.00 1,275.00

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