Answer These 5 Questions Honestly and We Will Tell You What The Average Man’s First Impression Of you Is!

Answer These 5 Questions Honestly and We Will Tell You What The Average Man’s First Impression Of you Is!

first impression

First Impression!

Whether we like it or not, first impressions are extremely important.

A lot of women don’t know this, but some little signs that we make when we first meet a man can leave lasting impressions.

This Quiz will give you 5 different scenarios and have you answer the response that is most similar to how yours would have been.

After you’re done, we will tell you based on your results- what first impression you give a guy that you just met.

Maybe now you’ll finally figure out why he said he’d call but never did!


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22-25: He thinks you are a strong level-headed woman, totally worth the chase. He knows you know what you want but he also likes the fact that you aren’t afraid to be a ‘woman’. You can get hurt and sometimes can be vulnerable but you will always wear it well. It’ll make him want to try harder to get you and keep you. He will text you when he gets home AND call you the next day.

18-21: He thinks that if he gets you out of your shell, you can be sexy and funny and a little feisty! He wouldn’t mind getting to know you and is kind of excited to see what your wild streak is like. You have your emotions held together but the right move can have them all over the place. He’s definitely calling tomorrow.

14-17: Feminist! Everything about you has him a bit weary. He likes that you are strong and independent and know what you want but he knows you will disagree with him whenever you feel like it. Some men see you as a challenge and want to crack you open and find your weak spot. If the conversation was good (and whatever else went down) he’ll most likely call. He admires that you are not shy about wanting him too. A few more dates will tell if he can deal or not. 

10-13: You are aggressive, strong and independent and it depends on the kind of man he is. He thinks you might just try to dominate the relationship if he lets you. So it’s two things; either he can handle you and all your ‘wahala’ and wants to chase you anyway or he just can’t. The man that will definitely call is the one that loves how crazy you are. He’s always had a thing for the wild ones. Being very honest, some men will find you threatening and won’t call. It doesnt mean you should change- they just aren’t the right fit!

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