Corporate Drapes #400: Sharon Ojong And Elma Godwin’s Outfit Dissection

Corporate Drapes #400: Sharon Ojong And Elma Godwin’s Outfit Dissection
L-R, Sharon Ojong  and Elma Godwin
L-R, Sharon Ojong and Elma Godwin

Corporate Drapes today is quite special because I’m “outfit dissecting”. By outfit dissection, I mean giving a detailed analysis of my “models”. Do you feel like you are in class already? LOL, well I admit you’d pick a few info today.

First off, Sharon and Elma are wearing Nigerian Brands and I’d like to certify their outfit as a must-have if you are a work chic. Work fashion doesn’t necessarily mean boring and black and white (the usual colours) but versatility, decency, and stylishness especially in the modern times.


Sharon is wearing a white choke hold cut-out top matched with pink high-waist ruffle skirt with the black tassel details on it. This combo is just perfect for a day like Monday. You step into the new week in your A game.

Her heels are just the perfect colour to match the whole outfit. If she went for a colourful heel sandal it would have been too many colours in one body. Very distracting! Perfect way to turn heads at work and showing little skin.

Top by Nigerian brand: Amarelis Atelier

Skirt by Nigerian brand: Ujuestelo


Elma is wearing a cold shoulder wrap dress. It’s simple and very classic. A wrap dress simply overlaps at the hemline. She looks stylish in this dress in her pink perspex heels but for “formality’s”sake, you could yank in a boob tube top underneath. The wrap dress is also perfect (without the boob tube, if you wish) for formal black tie events.

Dress by Nigerian brand: Belois Couture



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