5 Reasons Why We Love Nkechi Harry Ngonadi (NHN)

5 Reasons Why We Love Nkechi Harry Ngonadi (NHN)

nhn, nkechi harry ngonadiNkechi Harry Ngonadi is no new name in the Nigerian fashion. If you have big love for Asoebi and exotic fabrics then her name is sure to ring a bell in your ears! 

NHN is a designer and CEO of the brand, NHN Couture. Her contribution in the Nigerian fashion industry when it comes to traditional outfit is immense. She is your go-to brand for Haute Asoebi and “Igbo blouses”. 

We love NHN for 5 reasons;

  1. She connects well with her clients. She engages them through her social media platform and has since gathered a whopping following of 121,000 on Instagram
  2. She is photogenic with or without makeup.
  3. Her networking game is strong.
  4. She has a winning smile
  5. Her Asoebi, casual fashion game is strong!

Check her out!16789864_1772195586139240_3110702631895433216_n




Credit: Instagram, @nhn_couture

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