Few Crazy Things To Do This Weekend!

Few Crazy Things To Do This Weekend!

hiking, tourism, kayaking, weekendThis weekend should not be about work and no fun. You should take some time out to relax too! Have you ever thought about taking a break and not work away your weekend? At least doing something fun and relaxing for once!

Relaxation is an important part of our everyday lives that helps us to function better. Our body needs this one “medicine” to survive and do riskier tasks.

Today is the perfect day to plan out what your weekend would look like and here are five crazy things I suggest you do to refresh your mind and have a relaxing weekend!

  1. GO KAYAKING  with friends or partner!11189593_367602893433607_500709721_n

Not your regular egusi soup or amala soup you prepare every weekend but try out exotic recipes. There are lots of sources online or better yet, stick to FOOD NETWORK on your cable television to learn how to make new food. Example, making pineapple salsa!


Hiking in country sides can be so much fun. It’s filled with springs, tropical environments, unlike the city. You could tag along on one of the tourism agencies in Nigeria to other states and go hiking, It won’t cost a fortune!

hiking, tourism, kayaking, weekend

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