Sunday Style Inspo With Dodos Uvieghara

Sunday Style Inspo With Dodos Uvieghara
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Dodos Uvieghara in a floor-length tailored pant and detailed sheer top

Dodos Uvieghara is a well-known makeup artist but she is not just good at it. One of my favourite things about her is her style. When she is not working on a client’s face or working on a project, she knows how to flaunt her stylish outfits via social media.

Today, she caught our attention because we can’t get enough of her floor-length dresses, jumpsuits or casual outfits.

Check her out:


  1. Dodos is slaying in a high-low dress and silver heels.


2. Dodos is dazzling in a monochrome set.


3. Chic and comfy in a Maju dress shirt.


4. The cold-shoulder trend looks good on you, Dodos!

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