Find Out Why Every Woman Alive Is Talking About Beyonce At The 59th Annual Grammys!

Find Out Why Every Woman Alive Is Talking About Beyonce At The 59th Annual Grammys!


Beyonce at the Grammy’s!

The 59th Annual Grammy’s held on the 12th February, 2017 and Bey was present.

When we say the Beyonce is a Queen and a King and a Legend, very few people argue.

We don’t just sing endless praises for Beyonce because she’s ‘beautiful’ or ‘bootylicious’, we do so because she is a number of things.

Her work ethic is second to none. She stands up for those that have no voice and is teaching women all over the world what Confidence and Class is.

Bey never ever airs her dirty linen in public. She is always Graceful and has an aura about her that is regal (to say the least).

 Beyonce graced the Grammy’s and copped 2 awards that Night.

In other news, Adele won 5 Grammy’s including Album of the year (which Beyonce was nominated for) but we will get back to this.


One of the highlights of the Grammy’s was Beyonce’s performance and how when she tipped back on a chair with her pregnant stomach, everyone held their breaths.


Her performance also featured her daughter; Blue Ivy and her mother Tina Lawson who introduced her on stage.



After winning 2 awards; ‘Lemonade’ for ‘Best Urban Contemporary’ and ‘Formation’ for Best Music Video, Beyonce was nominated for Album of the year where even more drama ensued.


Bey Grammy

Now, while Adele’s Album ’25’ won the Album of the Year title, over Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’, Adele still felt the need to express how awesome Lemonade was.

She said that Beyonce was a huge inspiration to her and her friends and commended her for teaching people to stand up for themselves.

While giving this speech, she and Beyonce both became quite emotional and shed a few tears.

Adele said ‘I can’t possibly accept this’ of course she did but; ALL HAIL QUEEN BEE.

Watch Adele’s speech here:

Now watch Beyonce’s ground breaking performance here:

What a night!

It was pretty big of Adele to acknowledge the ‘Lemonade’ Album and the impact that it made.

Our take away from this is that women these days, even the ones in competition need to take a cue from this.

Build up, don’t break down.


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