Church Style Ideas For Valentine!

Church Style Ideas For Valentine!

valentine, church style ideasTuesday is Valentine’s day but that doesn’t stop churches from organizing a couples event or singles event. Red and white as you know is the colour of the day so, to properly celebrate this season, a touch of red or white on your outfit would do justice.

Although Valentine represents love, giving and sharing in the world, the practice should not stop and end on Valentine’s day! Let every day be a day to share something special with someone, show kindness and infect others with genuine love.

Let’s get in the habit of doing good continually so that the world which we live in would be better!

Here are some style ideas for any pre-valentine or post valentine event!


Princess Isioma


Nini Enefola

P.S: For church purposes: The sheer top is perfect for the dress with an inner wear covering the whole chest.


Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun


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