Wedding Glam: Inspired Looks!

Wedding Glam: Inspired Looks!, an online Nigerian fabric store inspired this article. We constantly showcase various images we tag wedding glam. However, what does it mean to be glam or glamourous? The word glamourous was adapted from glamour. Glamour means “combining something that is alluring/attractive with charm and good looks”. We consider it our job at Kamdora HQ to bring you things and people that we are excited and fascinated by.

There you have it! Our choice of wedding glam is inspired by things and people who fascinate and excite us based on style, fashion, uniqueness, and ingenuity. On this particular occasion, we got inspiration from Instagram page. is caters to all your fabric/asoebi needs. See below for few of the wonders fabrics can create while working with the right fabric and tailor who understands your silhouette. No more excuse looking shabby to a Nigerian wedding, we just revealed a secret to you.

Check out wedding glam inspiration below.

Credit: @asoebigirl


Mariam Tijani
Nigeria Born, England Raised & now Lagos Resident. I love Fashion, Design, Adventure, World Cuisine, Music, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I am on a mission to Inspire African Youths.

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